In Shop & Onsite Computer Repairs

UYC Computers located at 1c South Creek Road, DEE WHY ph 9982 9939 Can solve any computer related problem
We have a fully equiped workshop and carry a large range of spare parts
We have been in business of over 15 years and have gained the experience to repair any computer problem
Bring your broken Desktop or Laptop to us and we will quote for the repair , and if you accept , repair for you quickly
Whether you have a faulty hard drive, motherboard, ram or video card – We can get you computer back up and running same day or next day
We speciase in virus and spyware removal
Pop ups , browser hijacks, annoying advertisments- The modern internet is swamped with tricks to get you do unwittinlgy download spyware and advertising programs
UYC can delete the most stubborn spyware and give you control back of your internet browser
Tojans, rootkits all viruses we have proven procedures to delete any unwanted virus on your PC or Laptop
Can’t browse the internet or get your email – UYC can help you – Internet problems are normally best sorted out at you premises – We are experts in solving internet problems- We can liason with your ISP saving you hours of waiting with international call centres – We stock ADSL modems and wireless routers -We can set up wirless in your home or office
Laptop Screen cracked ? We can repalce for you next day- We stock the most popular screens and can quckly repalce your faulty screen- Need a new laptop battery , We can supply a battery for any brand of laptop
We stock multi top AC adaptors, and specials AC cahrgers for any laptop
Any problem with any brand of laptop UYC can solve for you
2Gb,4Gb,8Gb,16Gb,32Gb We stock all ram for all ram upgrades for any PC or Laptop
The correct amount of memory for your computer greatly enhances the speed and effieciency of your computer- A ram upgrade is the most cost effective way to make you computer last longer
Need more hard drive space- We stock all hard drives sizes 500Gb, 1Tb, 2Tb, 3Tb , 4Tb ,5Tb hard drives – Upgrade or replace your hard drive to solve your storage needs